Konnected Technology

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Konnected Technology Wins Prestigious 2024 Entrepreneur Business of the Year Award

Konnected Technology, a leader in innovative software solutions, proudly announces its recognition as the 2024 Entrepreneur Business of the Year by the Business Examiner. This prestigious accolade highlights the company’s significant contributions to the manufacturing and volume processing industries through its cutting-edge software development and unwavering commitment to excellence. Konnected Technology, based in Penticton, has […]

Smart Marinas Press Release

A marina from the side view showing boats along the skyline.

We Make Marinas Smart.  Revolutionizing Marina Management: Introducing Cutting-Edge Smart Marina Technology Today marks a pivotal moment in the maritime industry as Smart Marina by Konnected Technology, a trailblazing technology firm, unveils groundbreaking Smart Marina Technology & Dashboard distributed by Industry Leader Premier Materials. Unlike other players in the field who focus on front office […]

Meet Konnected Engineer: Hasmukh Barochiya

Hasmukh Barochiya, our featured engineer, sitting at his desk working diligently.

Meet Hasmukh Barochiya, a seasoned Tech Lead with a decade of experience in computer science. From his early days as a mobile app developer to his current role, Hasmukh thrives on embracing new challenges and bringing innovative ideas to the table. In this interview, he shares insights into his background, the excitement he finds at […]

Meet Konnected Engineer: Prabjyot Saini

Join us for an exclusive interview as we delve into the world of engineering excellence at Konnected Technology. We have the privilege of introducing you to Prabjyot Saini, an extraordinary engineer with a wealth of experience in the tech industry spanning over 7 years. From software development to engineering, Prabjyot’s journey is nothing short of […]

Meet Konnected Engineer: Danon Neves

Danon Neves has played a pivotal role for the past five years at Konnected Technology. His journey at the company has seen him take on various roles, from being the main point of contact to leading tech support and ultimately becoming a project manager for their critical IS projects, serving one of Konnected’s major clients in […]

Meet Konnected Engineer: Cameron Speirs

Meet Cameron Speirs, an engineer at Konnected Technology, whose expertise and commitment to innovation have been instrumental in shaping the company’s cutting-edge solutions. Let’s dive into a conversation with Cameron to learn more about his journey and insights into the world of technology. My Name is Cameron Speirs, and I’m one of the engineers at Konnected […]

Meet Konnected Engineer : Sneha Jatakiya

Sneha Jatakiya : Tech Engineer at Konnected Technology

In this inspiring interview, we sit down with Sneha Jatakiya, talented software developer and engineering enthusiast. With a Master’s degree in Computer Application from R K University and over 7 years of experience in the Software Industry, Sneha has proven herself as a dynamic leader and a problem solver