Konnected Technology

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Meet Konnected Engineer: Cameron Speirs

Meet Cameron Speirs, an engineer at Konnected Technology, whose expertise and commitment to innovation have been instrumental in shaping the company’s cutting-edge solutions. Let’s dive into a conversation with Cameron to learn more about his journey and insights into the world of technology.

  1. Tell us about yourself

My Name is Cameron Speirs, and I’m one of the engineers at Konnected Technology. I recently graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering, but I have been working at Konnected for the last 4 years through internships. In my spare time I like to go out and explore the Canadian west coast through hiking, camping, and fishing.

2. What motivated or inspired you to become an engineer?

I decided I wanted to become an engineer at a young age because I had a fascination about how everyday items that most people take for granted, like a simple ball point pen, were invented, perfected, and manufactured; I think the “How It’s Made” TV series on the discovery channel is largely responsible for that. As I got older, I became increasingly passionate about science and math, as well as thinking about how the concepts I was learning could be applied to solve a real problem.

3. What achievements or projects are you most proud of while working with Konnected technology?

I’m proud of all the projects I work on at Konnected Technology, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be the Conveyor Volume Tracking – one of the first projects I worked on as an intern at Konnected. In that project we used LiDAR technology as well as PLC integration to measure the volume running on conveyors with very high accuracy, as a continuation we also made a 3D version of our scanner to be able to scan large rooms very accurately.

4. How do you see your specialized role evolving in the future, and what impact do you hope to make?

Coming from a University that is well known for research, I was exposed to cutting-edge technology all the time, when I look at the infrastructure that exists in most manufacturing facilities it seems outdated, mismatched, and disorganized. You have machines from 10 different companies that were made from the 1960s to the present, all sitting side by side; something I did not expect when I started working in the industry. At Konnected our whole team is dedicated to bridging the gap between what we are capable of and the manufacturing industry norms; going into the future I see our role evolving to adapt the new technological environment to existing infrastructure.

5. How do you stay updated on industry trends and continuously improve your skills?

To stay updated on industry trends and enhance my engineering skills, I engage in a variety of strategies. Firstly, I try to collaborate on projects with other professionals who are experts in their fields. The shoulder rubbing from collaboration is a great way to receive real-time insights. Additionally, I prioritize experimentation and innovation by taking on personal projects that allow me to explore new tools and methodologies. These hands-on experiences complement my theoretical learning and foster a deeper understanding of emerging technologies. Through these combined efforts, I maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving engineering landscape.

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