Konnected Technology

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We Make Marinas Smart

Elevate marinas into the future by collaboratively modernizing infrastructure,
implementing task automation, and improving response times for enhanced
functionality, safety, and customer satisfaction

Konnected Technology: Revolutionizing Marinas with Smart Solutions

What We Do: At Konnected Technology, our mission is to transform marinas into hubs of innovation through comprehensive modernization. Collaborating with builders and marina ownership, we prioritize upgrading infrastructure to enhance functionality, safety and overall customer experience. Out approach involves holistic modernization, covering everything from smart docks, navigation, safety monitoring, smart access, amenities, and advanced technologies.

Early Warning Fire Detection Image

Early Warning Fire Detection

Konnected Fire Detection systems leverage thermal imaging cameras for early fire detection.

Key Features:
  • Thermal Imaging: Detects infrared radiation and identifies heat signatures associated with fires.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with existing fire alarm systems for enhanced capabilities.
  • Alarm Triggering: When a potential fire is detected, the system triggers alarms and initiates predefined response protocols.

Smart Access

Automation for access control to regulate entry to specific areas within the marina.

Key Features:
  • Authorized Access: Ensures that only authorized individuals have entry to designated areas.
  • Remote Control: Allows for remote management of access control systems.
Smart Access Image
A boat docked into the marina.

Smart Leveling/Floats

Solutions for maintaining optimal dock levels within the marina.

Key Features:
  • Automated Leveling: Adjusts dock levels using automated ballast control systems.
  • Dock/Platform stability/load capacity monitoring.

Smart Anchor Control

Comprehensive anchor control to help you monitor and control tension during varying environmental conditions.

Key Features:
  • Monitor anchor cable tension.
  • Active control of cable tension through winch control with feedback.
  • Tidal and Weather Adaptability: Accounts for tidal variations and weather conditions.
Smart Anchor Control image
A marina full of boats from left to right.


Comprehensive reporting and monitoring solutions for various marina elements. Fuel Tank, Waste Pumpout Tanks, Pump monitoring, etc…

Key Features:
  • Real-time Data: Provides continutous monitoring and real-time data on various parameters.
  • Analytics: Utilizes analytics for insights into marina operations and trends.

Smart Docking and Berthing

Technology solutions for bringing smart solutions to the moorage holder.

Key Features:
  • Sensor Technology: Utilizes sensors and IoT devices for monitoring batter levels, flooding, and boat location.
  • In the event of a theft, boat locations can be tracked live.
  • Provides marina with a simple moorage management system that includes live boat status updates if moorage holders have Konnected smart devices installed in their boats.
A marina from the side view showing boats along the skyline.
Communication and Connectivity image

Communication and Connectivity

Solutions to improve communication and connectivity within the marina.

Key Features:
  • Wi-Fi Access: Offers high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the marina.
  • Mobile App: Develops a marina-specific mobile app for information, notifications, vessel monitoring, live weather notifications, marina specific messaging etc…

Maintenance and Asset Management

Solutions for tracking and maintaining marina assets.

Key Features:
  • Asset Tracking: Uses GPS and RFID technologies to track the location and condition of assets.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Implements solutions to anticipate and address equipment issues proactively.
A boat having the prop cleaned.
Two engineers looking intently on a computer with schematics on the screen.

Smart Navigation Overview

Smart Navigation solutions integrate beacon (other) lights and remote monitoring for heightened safety and efficiency. Intelligent LED beacons guide vessels with precision, enhancing marina experiences.

Key Features:
  • Intelligent Lighting: Advanced LEDs with customizable color-coded guidance.
  • High Visibility: Ensures optimal visibility during all lighting conditions.
  • Dynamic Pathfinding: Guides vessels along safe and efficient routes.
  • Configurable Alerts: Immediate alerts for navigational changes or emergencies.
  • Centralized Platform: Allows real-time monitoring and control of all beacons.
  • Customizable Scheduling: Energy-efficient scheduling for optimized operations.

Rental Fleet Management

Smart rental fleet solutions such as GEO fencing, and automatic return notifications to help manage your rental boats.

Key Features:
  • Similar to boater installed IoT device, but also includes GEO fencing to keep rental boats out of restricted areas.
  • Notifies marina automatically if boat enters danger zone and when it has entered the harbor at the end of the rental period.
Rental Fleet Management image
Marina from above.

Dock Mounted Kiosk

Smart Kiosks help provide a quick and easy way to book marine services while staying informed on issues/alerts.

Key Features:
  • Dynamic Marina info bulletins.
  • Weather Alerts
  • Report Dock Issues
  • Book Marine Service
  • Industry Advertising (Revenue Earning Potential)