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A marina from the side view showing boats along the skyline.

Smart Marinas Press Release

We Make Marinas Smart. 

Revolutionizing Marina Management: Introducing Cutting-Edge Smart Marina Technology

Today marks a pivotal moment in the maritime industry as Smart Marina by Konnected Technology, a trailblazing technology firm, unveils groundbreaking Smart Marina Technology & Dashboard distributed by Industry Leader Premier Materials. Unlike other players in the field who focus on front office connectivity, Smart Marina by Konnected innovation extends the conventional boundaries by focusing on the physical (smart dock) to technical infrastructure (smart wifi ) of marinas, ushering in a new era of efficiency, safety, and seamless management.

Unparalleled Focus on Infrastructure

While existing technology companies in the marina industry, primarily offer software-based systems focused on boater management and revenue collection, Smart Marina by Konnected Technology stands out for its unwavering commitment to the actual marina infrastructure. Our technology utilizes state-of-the-art Internet of Things (IoT) devices to collect real-time data from physical components within the marina, feeding it into a sophisticated software system that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) for in-depth analysis and proactive decision-making.

Key Features of Smart Marina Technology:

  1. Managed Internet for even/equal Wifi Distribution:
    Monitoring and analyzing incoming internet speed, ensuring uniform distribution of WiFi throughout the marina for a seamless boater experience.
  2. Gate Control and Access Management:
    Providing secure gate control with advanced access management features.
  3. Fire Prevention and Safety Monitoring:
  4. Utilizing IoT devices to identify potential hot spots in the marina, preventing fires before they occur.
  5. Submetering and Load Capacity Monitoring:
    Offering real-time monitoring of load capacities, with instant alerts for attention and adjustments.
  6. Anchor Management:
    Ensuring optimal anchoring conditions with alerts for adjustments, enhancing safety and stability.
  7. Boater Slip Management:
    Managing boaters in their slips with alerts for boat departure, permission controls for WiFi and gate access, and scheduling boat repair and maintenance appointments.
  8. Weather Alerts:
    Delivering real-time weather alerts to boaters, enhancing safety and preparedness.
  9. Marina Management Dashboard:
    Integrating existing marina systems into a single, user-friendly dashboard for streamlined management and operational efficiency.

Smart Marina by Konnected Technology distributor Premier Materials president Lisa Marquis, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, ‘Our Smart Marina Technology represents a paradigm shift in how marinas are managed. We are not just offering software; we are transforming the very infrastructure that forms the backbone of marina operations. From safety and security to seamless boater experiences, our technology is set to redefine the industry.'” We want marina owners and builders to expand what they think about the definition of Smart Marinas expands beyond office software solutions. 

About Smart Marina by Konnected Technology:

Smart Marina by Konnected Technology is a pioneering technology firm dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the maritime industry. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we strive to enhance efficiency, safety, and user experiences through cutting-edge technologies.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Email: cameron@konnectedtechnology.com 

Phone Number: +1 (250) 487-9794 

Distributor Contact: 

Lisa Marquis

Email: lisa@premiermaterials.com

About Smart Marina by Konnected Technology:

Smart Marina by Konnected Technology is a leading innovator in the Automation Industry, striving to elevate industry standards and bring about a modernization of technology expectations and systems. With a dedicated team of experts and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Smart Marina by Konnected Technology is at the forefront of bringing innovation to Marinas.

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