Konnected Technology

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Sequencing System

Minimizes setup times, reduces idle time for machinery,
and maximizes the throughput of the production line.

Sequencing System:

Streamline production with real-time broadcasts, integrated schedules, quality control, and serialized traceability.

Production Broadcasts

Broadcast from main production line informing the sub production lines/partners in order to build and ship in sequential order in real time. (production processes to the relevant personnel or teams within a manufacturing facility) (WIP)

Identify Level of Automation

Together with our clients we decide on the level of automation required. This could range from fully manual assembly with human operators to semi-automated or fully automated systems that use robotics and sensors for various tasks.

PLC Integration

With our extensive experience in integrating with existing PLC systems, we can ensure that your machinery communicates effectively. In the event of a fire, our PLC integration can swiftly identify the source effectively and prevent any potential damage by halting machines and conveyors.

Production Based Schedules

Production-based work schedules, also known as output-based work schedules, are employment arrangements where an employee’s working hours and compensation are primarily determined by the quantity or output of work they produce rather than fixed hours worked.

Smart Software and Control Systems

Depending on the level of automation, we will integrate the control systems and software for managing and coordinating the assembly process. This can include PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) systems.

Quality Control

With PLC or HMI integration we can track a shifts progress to trigger notification based on repeated quality issues, as well as providing root cause analysis to direct your resources to the source of the issue.

Serialized Traceability

Serialized traceability throughout the entire process refers to the ability to track and trace individual items or products at a granular level throughout their entire lifecycle, from production or manufacturing to distribution and, in some cases, even through end-user consumption or disposal. This level of traceability involves assigning a unique identifier or serial number to each item, which allows for precise monitoring and documentation of each item’s movement, location, and status as it progresses through various stages of the supply chain and production process.

Part Inventory Reduction

Implementing a sequencing system can significantly reduce the need for excessive part storage, optimizing the utilization of square footage within the factory.

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