Konnected Technology

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Internal Conveyance

Streamline part conveyance, automate backtrack
collection, and track material movement seamlessly

Internal Conveyance

Effortlessly manage your entire part conveyance process with comprehensive scheduling and tracking capabilities, ensuring a smooth journey from production cells to the shipping bay door. Our automated backtrack collection and reporting features provide seamless tracking of material movement, from the moment of raw material receipt to the final shipping of completed parts.

Bulk Volume Measurement

  • Smart Measurement sensors: is proprietary software designed for volume
    measurement, visualization, and analysis. This software is also capable of
    handling the large volumes of data generated by our smart measurement
    sensors and extracting meaningful information from it without the need to
    physically weigh vehicles and conveyors.
  • Smart Measurement Hardware: we recommend smart sensor(s) based
    on your application needs. Factors we consider include range, field of
    view, scan rate, and environmental conditions. Our smart measurement
    sensors come in various types, including solid-state, mechanical, and
    flash LiDAR.
  • Integration: Integrate the LiDAR system with existing equipment, machinery,
    or vehicles if applicable. Ensure that the LiDAR sensor(s) can communicate
    with your control systems or data processing infrastructure

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