Konnected Technology

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Smart Marina – Internet Module

Wifi Router for your high speed needs

Introducing innovative solutions designed to enhance communication and connectivity within marinas! Explore key features including high-speed Wi-Fi access throughout the marina and a bespoke mobile app specifically crafted to cater to marina-related needs. This app offers a range of functionalities such as providing essential information, delivering real-time notifications, enabling vessel monitoring, delivering live weather updates, […]

How to Modernize your Marina – What is a Smart Marina?

Marina View From Front View

At Konnected Technology, we are dedicated to revolutionizing marinas by spearheading a comprehensive modernization agenda. Through close collaboration with builders and marina owners, our mission is to prioritize the transformation of marina infrastructure to elevate functionality, safety, and the overall customer experience. Our approach is centered around holistic modernization, encompassing a wide array of advancements […]