Konnected Technology

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Smart Marina – Internet Module

Wifi Router for your high speed needs

Introducing innovative solutions designed to enhance communication and connectivity within marinas! Explore key features including high-speed Wi-Fi access throughout the marina and a bespoke mobile app specifically crafted to cater to marina-related needs. This app offers a range of functionalities such as providing essential information, delivering real-time notifications, enabling vessel monitoring, delivering live weather updates, […]

How to Modernize your Marina – What is a Smart Marina?

Marina View From Front View

At Konnected Technology, we are dedicated to revolutionizing marinas by spearheading a comprehensive modernization agenda. Through close collaboration with builders and marina owners, our mission is to prioritize the transformation of marina infrastructure to elevate functionality, safety, and the overall customer experience. Our approach is centered around holistic modernization, encompassing a wide array of advancements […]

Smart Marinas Press Release

A marina from the side view showing boats along the skyline.

We Make Marinas Smart.  Revolutionizing Marina Management: Introducing Cutting-Edge Smart Marina Technology Today marks a pivotal moment in the maritime industry as Smart Marina by Konnected Technology, a trailblazing technology firm, unveils groundbreaking Smart Marina Technology & Dashboard distributed by Industry Leader Premier Materials. Unlike other players in the field who focus on front office […]

Smart Marinas Explained: A Beginner’s Guide

Marina Example Photo

In today’s digital age, the concept of smart infrastructure has revolutionized various sectors, including marinas. Smart marinas represent the convergence of physical and digital infrastructure, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance operational efficiency, improve decision-making processes, and elevate the overall customer experience. At Konnected Technology, we’re committed to empowering marina owners and operators with cutting-edge solutions […]

Meet Konnected Engineer: Hasmukh Barochiya

Hasmukh Barochiya, our featured engineer, sitting at his desk working diligently.

Meet Hasmukh Barochiya, a seasoned Tech Lead with a decade of experience in computer science. From his early days as a mobile app developer to his current role, Hasmukh thrives on embracing new challenges and bringing innovative ideas to the table. In this interview, he shares insights into his background, the excitement he finds at […]

Meet Konnected Engineer: Prabjyot Saini

Join us for an exclusive interview as we delve into the world of engineering excellence at Konnected Technology. We have the privilege of introducing you to Prabjyot Saini, an extraordinary engineer with a wealth of experience in the tech industry spanning over 7 years. From software development to engineering, Prabjyot’s journey is nothing short of […]

The Crucial Role of Fire Detection in Smart Manufacturing

Fire Detection image

Smart manufacturing has ushered in an era of unprecedented efficiency and control, thanks to interconnected devices and systems. In this interconnected landscape, one aspect stands out as an absolute necessity – fire detection. Fire detection in smart manufacturing relies on advanced technologies, such as interconnected sensors, thermal cameras, and PLC integration, to safeguard facilities, equipment, […]

Meet Konnected Engineer: Danon Neves

Danon Neves has played a pivotal role for the past five years at Konnected Technology. His journey at the company has seen him take on various roles, from being the main point of contact to leading tech support and ultimately becoming a project manager for their critical IS projects, serving one of Konnected’s major clients in […]

Meet Konnected Engineer: Cameron Speirs

Meet Cameron Speirs, an engineer at Konnected Technology, whose expertise and commitment to innovation have been instrumental in shaping the company’s cutting-edge solutions. Let’s dive into a conversation with Cameron to learn more about his journey and insights into the world of technology. My Name is Cameron Speirs, and I’m one of the engineers at Konnected […]

Smart Technology Integration: Enhancing Boat Houses for Maximum Benefits

Are you ready to take your waterfront living experience to new heights? In this blog, we will dive into the exciting benefits that boat houses bring to boat owners, from generating rental income to providing personal convenience and opening up potential business opportunities. Join us on this journey as we explore why investing in a […]